1. Man Made

    Packaging//Display//Web & Motion

  2. 17 App

    UX // UI // IA

  3. Animation

    Motion Graphics // Illustration

  4. Publicity Center

    Posters (a lot) // Branding

  5. Photography

    yup, what the title says

  6. Illustration

    fun time drawings

  7. What's Up Cover

    Cover Art

  8. MIC

    Branding // Collateral

  9. Book Covers

    Cover Design // Photography

  10. T-shirts

    T-shirt designs


    My name is Riley Finch McGaff and I am a graphic designer. Hopefully that was obvious enough from the work above, but I just thought I would cover all my bases. My special ability as a designer is the ability to be versatile, I am knowledgeable about most types of design and many forms of production. This really relates to me as a person because I love knowing lots of things, and I love learning. It is due to these cravings for knowledge that I know a plethora of useless information. That is another special ability of mine!

    As you can probably tell, I am a quirky gentleman, I am a movie freak, I love video games, I watch anime, I read avidly, I love clothes, I am nerdy and quite perky. Being so diverse really helps me with my design as well. Again, I believe myself to be a very versatile person and designer. For you employers/potential clients out there, I am also a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test fan, and my MBTI result was INTJ which means I am analytical, have high standards, determined, goal oriented, creative problem-solver, and devoted to self-improvement. If you want to know more about me, then go ahead and ask!

    As for interests in design, I am really interested in branding, UI, UX, photography, and motion design. My psychology minor really helps with the branding, UI, and UX portions of design. In a brief summary, that was me!